Monday, September 9, 2013

The Stereotypical Mormon Married Couple Blogging Thing

I kept a journal in middle school. Even up until my sophomore of high school. Each day, descriptively documented. Then I got older. School got in the way. Friends got in the way. Every day turned into every week, and soon every month. Now I can barely remember the last time I wrote in my journal.

But the times are changing, and blogging has become the journaling of the 20 to 30-something newlyweds and young mothers. Though I earnestly railed against the idea of turning into one of "those girls," the appeal of quick entries completed with pictures has got the best of me. Not to mention regular blog posts now being a requirement of my Business Writing class. Nothing like a grade to push a young coed to her keyboard.

The intention of this blog is to document Calon (my new husband) and my's new life together. It will (hopefully) be full of pictures, trips, progress on home improvement projects, developments in education and work, and of course plenty of feel good, mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey stuff. I know how these things work.

For the time being, be satisfied with a couple oh-so-adorable pictures of us, taken in Yellowstone Park.

Yes, that is indeed a buffalo.

And, for those of you wondering what a "fixieis, it's a nickname for a fixed gear bike. Calon and I ride them everywhere and they give us trendy/hipster/cool kid status. See example below. Ahhhh yeah.

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