Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Past Two Weeks

Life has been wonderfully busy in the Lochridge home. Thanks to classes that have hit it hard from the get go we always have plenty of homework to be done.

Don't think this means we aren't finding ways to have fun. Because we are.

We're blessed to have family close with Calon's brother Telmar living in Orem. We see them at least once a week and often do dinner together (especially now that we finally have a table). Sometimes we even drain watermelons. Things can get cray cray.

Our table, covered with ํ•œ ๊ทน ์Œ์‹ (Korean Food)

Our "drained" watermelon

I won the jackpot, eh?
Last week, I found a sweet deal on KSL for a propane grill for $10. Needless to say, we were all over that. We broke it in with a big London Broil, grilled peppers, and sauteed mushrooms. Delish.

Top View of our Thermos Grill Feast

Then, on Saturday, we attended the BYU vs. Utah game. It was disappointing to say the least--agonizing would probably be a better description. We stuck it out though, contrary to Calon's complaining, and got to see the Cougars tromped by a vicious Ute/Ref alliance. Though it was fun spending time with the hubby and our great friend Neal from back home, that made for my fourth year of seeing the Utes win. BYU Football is great at getting my hopes up before crushing them. But I'm a Detroit Lions fan; I'm used to it.

Our view of LaVell Edwards Stadium. The energy in the stadium was awesome.
Lastly, our family has some incredible news. My dad is getting baptized! He will join me as the second Larson to "take the plunge." We are so very happy for him and can't wait to head north to Montana for the weekend.

If you have a few minutes, the Mormon Message below, "Families can be Together Forever" is definitely worth the watch.

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