Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our lives, as of late...

Things happening in Claire's life:

  • I got a calling at church to act as "Additional Meetings Co-Chair" in Relief Society. Basically this means I get to stress a lot about our upcoming Halloween party. And deal with being the annoying person that no one ever texts back.
  • I will soon apply to the Business Strategy program at BYU. It's the most selective major in the Marriott School, accepting only 55 students every fall. Fingers crossed that I get in!
  • Work has really slowed down. We're taking maybe a tenth as many tours as we were a month ago, so that's been both a blessing and a curse. Less to stress about as far as sending people out goes, but more stress trying to keep people busy.
Things happening in Calon's life:
  • Calon is currently in the thick of Accounting 200. He's thinking that he ultimately wants to go into accounting, so how much he likes this class is kind of a big deal. And, thankfully, he's really liking it. And doing really really well! So that is definitely a blessing.
  • Work is still busy for Calon. He is now also a "language coordinator" in addition to all of the other things he does. This is nice because it comes with a raise, :) , and because it shows just how gosh darn awesome he is at Korean.
  • Calon's family stayed with us a couple nights ago. That was really fun. They made good use of our guest bedroom and got to spend some quality time with us. Having in-laws in a lot more fun than people make it seem. :)
And that's all the news as of late!

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